What Are The Most Beautiful Cities In Canada

The city of Niagara-on-the-Lake in Ontario

The city of Niagara-on-the-Lake in Canada has been preserved since the 19th century, there is a street decorated with plants, old houses, and beautiful shops, Niagara-on-the-Lake is famous for its distinctive hotels and modern restaurants, in addition to beautiful gardens, the city is home to the Shaw Festival, one of Canada’s huge theatrical performances that highlight George Bernard Shaw’s work.

Quebec City

Quebec is the oldest walled city in North America, located above the Cape Diamond area, the old area is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, it reminds traditional European cities of its cobbled streets, huge churches, cafes on the edge of the streets, the most famous buildings in Quebec are Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac, although the Old Town is a tourist attraction, Quebec’s neighborhoods also have their own charm through their wonderful restaurants, shops, and nightlife.

Banff in Alberta

the village of Banff is inhabited by as few as a few thousand citizens, but it receives millions of visitors every year, and is a small town located within the famous Banff National Park, Banff has expanded to about 7.77 square kilometers regularly to prevent infringement of the surrounding environment, overlooking the towering Rundle Mountain, it features restaurants, modern and civilized shops, its visitors also feel the beauty of the wildlife and nature.


Halifax is the largest city in Nova Scotia in Canada, located in the eastern coastal region of Canada and characterized by its beautiful marine atmosphere, in addition to being a commercial and cultural center, it is a vibrant city where movies, music, and the performing arts can be enjoyed, as well as beautiful sights.


Although Ottawa is the capital of Canada, it is not as popular as Toronto and Montreal. it is a charming city with its cultural and friendly atmosphere, in addition, it has a distinctive layout of its buildings and streets, several historic buildings are being restored and preserved, most notably: the Parliament House, the Chateau Laurier Building, and Rideau Canal is one of Ottawa’s most famous landmarks.

Niagara Falls in Ontario

The Niagara Falls area is highly attractive to tourists in Canada and specifically for newlyweds (funny, a coworker of mine at Direct Service Overhead got married there, great place.) ; millions of tourists visit it every year, recently a resort was created that brought restaurants and the finest shops to the area, in addition to the theatrical works of reputed actors, Niagara Falls is currently attracting families, there are two main tourist areas: Falls view, located at the mouth of Canada’s Horseshoe Falls, and Clifton Hill, 1.6 km away, and both areas are connected by a walkway.

Types of Accommodations Options Available for you When Going on a Trip

When you have to go on a trip, accommodation is one of the major things you must sort out. You need to have a place to keep your luggage and be able to spend the night. Just beyond having a place, it is important for it to be safe as you won’t want to risk your life or other items you are traveling with. There are various choices of accommodation you can opt for when you are traveling as discussed subsequently.


Hotels are easily the most common type of accommodation that people who travel to other countries, cities or towns for business, fun or pleasure use. The hotels are often comfortable and offer a wide range of services that will be needed by the guests. Apart from accommodating, they also have various departments such as laundry to take care of your dirty or rumpled wears, restaurants to take care of your food needs, car wash to wash your car if you hired or drove one to the location and room service to clean your room among others. Thus, they are often very comfortable to stay in. There are also many categories of hotels. They include 5-star hotels, 4-star hotels, 3-star hotels and so on. The higher the stars, the more luxurious and expensive they are.


Guest-inns are like mini-hotels in that they also provide accommodation. However, not all the services you can get in a hotel will be available in a Guest-inn. In most cases, they are also cheaper than hotels, thus, providing a cheaper alternative to enjoying close to what you will enjoy in a hotel at a lower price.


If you are going on adventures or visiting local villages, you might have to utilize the services of a camp. If you are deep in a bush or forest, chances are that there will not be any nearby hotel. It might not be possible to get to the closest hotel or guest-inn, especially when you are not through with your activities in that particular location. Camps come in handy. This could be organized camps where you can rent a space at very cheap prices, or if you are traveling with your tent, you could just prop it up.

Recreational Vehicles

There is also the option of renting a recreational vehicle. This is usually the best option if you want to continually be on the move throughout your journey. This way, you won’t have to be packing and unpacking, neither would you have to be paying at different hotels and guest-inns. However, there are recreational vehicle parks you can use for recharging, refilling water and emptying your wastes for a little fee.


You also have the option of lodging in a hostel. Hostels provide very cheap accommodation where you are allotted to a bed. Some of such hostels also offer breakfast services.

Sharing Rooms with Locals

There are towns and villages where locals are willing to host and feed you for a little fee. You can also take advantage of such an opportunity. It comes with the advantage of getting to know the locals more, enjoying their home-cooked meals and probably getting language lessons to learn the most common words and phrases.

Staying with a Friend

If you are lucky to have a friend in the location you are visiting, they might be willing to host you and even show you around for free. The friend must not be someone you know before as you can easily make such friends on social media. However, you should be careful so as not to risk your safety and property if you are unfortunate to make a fraudster friend.…

Making sure that you survive a holiday with toddlers

It might seem like a dream holiday when you are seeing parents with toddlers at resorts. Until you have your own toddler. Then you realize that this might be harder than what you have though. However, there is some great advice that will turn any holiday into a dream holiday. Even, with a toddler with you. You just need to know how to survive a holiday with a toddler. These are some great tips that you should remember when you are going on holiday with a toddler. 

The destination and accommodation that you choose

This is the important thing that you should consider when you are going on holiday with a toddler and want to survive the experience. You should consider the destination and the accommodation that you choose. 

For example, to book into a fancy hotel with only a room where your toddler can play in isn’t really recommended. There are people all around you, and it can get noisy with a toddler. Then, a resort, where you can book a cottage is much better. More room for the toddler to play at and the neighbors are a bit further away. 

Taking their favorite soft toy with you

If you think that you can save on space, by leaving their favorite soft toy at home, then you are going to regret it. There is nothing worse than a toddler that is missing their favorite soft toy. And, nothing that you are doing will be able to replace the toy. 

This is the first thing that you should pack when you are getting ready for your holiday. You can leave anything behind, but not his favorite toy. 

Making sure that they are comfortable at all times

You should take your toddlers feeling into consideration. They don’t like changes. And, traveling to a different country, or going on holiday is a complete change. They will get fuzzy and they will get tired and throw tantrums. The secret is to know how to handle it and to understand why this is happening.

This is why you should make sure that they are comfortable at all times. Placing their needs before your own. Making sure that you are back at the hotel at bedtime, and they are getting their known dinner and breakfast.

Going on holiday with a toddler can be daunting. And, it can feel like you are never going on holiday again. However, if you know how to survive a holiday with a toddler, you even might have some fun. Fun with the toddler while they are small. Before you know it, they are all grown up and will not go on holiday with you again.